Channel 4

Released: December 2018

Filmed here: July 2018

Written & Presented By: Lily Cole

Certificate: TBC

Actress and activist Lily Cole is on a journey to discover Emily, the contrary, independent woman, on the 200th anniversary of her birth. To remain anonymous and avoid judgement, Emily’s only novel, Wuthering Heights, was published under the androgynous pseudonym, Ellis Bell. Lily will leave no stone unturned as she investigates the novel’s origins and its legacy today. Sitting down in conversation with her peers from the world of arts, music, literature and politics, she’ll explore the parallels that exist today when it comes to women achieving equal pay, recognition and opportunity in their chosen profession.

Using the Bronte’s personal archive and stunning locations, Lily will find out more about the social & political context of Emily’s life as she explores the creation of a work that has become an international bestseller and timeless classic.